Selecting Disk Types

We talk about the storage options you have when creating EC2 instances.

GP2 and GP3

Here are some resources comparing GP2 vs GP3


GP2 Highlights

..deliver a consistent baseline performance of 3 IOPS/GB (minimum 100 IOPS) to a maximum of 16,000 IOPS, and provide up to 250 MB/s of throughput per volume. gp2 volumes smaller than 1 TB can also burst up to 3,000 IOPS.

Here's an article on comparing burst vs baseline perf (within context of RDS - managed databases).

GP3 Highlights

...enable customers to provision performance independent of storage capacity, while providing up to 20% lower pricing per GB than existing gp2 volumes. The new gp3 volumes deliver a baseline performance of 3,000 IOPS and 125 MiBps at any volume size. Customers looking for higher performance can scale up to 16,000 IOPS and 1,000 MiBps for an additional fee.

In all cases, make sure your server type can deliver the IOPS and throughput you pay for.

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