Instance Configurations

We cover the options available when configuring an EC2 instance in the web console.

Some of the options we cover:

  1. Spot Instances - Save money using Spot instances, if your applications and infrastructure are fault-tolerant.
  2. Networks/VPC - We cover this in the VPC Basics course
  3. Placement Groups to determine how EC2 instances are created within AWS's physical infrastructure
  4. Domain join directory - Use AWS Directory Services, essentially AWS's Active Directory
  5. IAM Roles - We mention this but don't cover it much, we'll be covering that in other courses
  6. CPU Options - Often used if serving software whose licenses charge per CPU core or thread.
  7. Behaviors - there's a few general options here, mostly self-explanatory
    • Monitoring in CloudWatch samples every 5 minutes by default, however "enabling monitoring" will sample every 1 minute
    • EC2 Tenancy
    • Elastic Inference
  8. Credit Specification
  9. File systems (NFS)
  10. Enclave
  11. EC2 metadata/userdata

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