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Top 10 AWS Mistakes

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No fluff

Making Sense of AWS

Skip past the huge list of AWS services, run past the certification rat-race, and learn how to run your applications on AWS.

Cut to the Chase
The AWS docs create more questions than they answer. Learn exactly what you need to know while staying productive.
What Services to Use
We cover the best parts of AWS. Learn what services to use and which to ignore. Leverage managed services that make sense.
Stop Getting Lost in the Console
Infrastructure as Code is extremely powerful. Create, tweak, track, and manage your infrastructure with our usable, specific examples.
Managing Cost
Learn how to expertly track costs and set billing alarms. Avoid unexpected bills and leverage lesser-known AWS tricks to reduce costs.

Infrastructure as Code

It's too hard to remember what you configured in the web console. Worse still, the web console hides important configuration from you.

Putting your infrastructure into code lets you automate your infrastructure. You can track it, view changes, reference it for later, duplicate it, and much more.

Infrastructure as Code is too important to ignore. Learn it here.


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