DevOps with Terraform

Learn how to use Terraform to manage your infrastructure, from basics to advanced usage.

This is essential for managing infrastructure on AWS.

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Define, Tweak, Refine

Imagine treating your architecture like your code. Build something that works, then refine it - or completely scrap it and start over. Terraform keeps up with you.

Stop clicking around clunky web interfaces and losing track of your AWS bill.
Start managing your infrastructure.

terraform bliss

The Course

What you'll learn about Terraform

Terraform is powerful, and relatively simple. But the devil is in the details - see how to professionally use Terraform in your projects.

Learn the Ropes

The basics of Terraform - installation, configuration, and what it looks like to manage infrastructure.

Manage State

See how Terraform tracks infrastructure, how to keep that data safe, and how to use Terraform in teams.

Modular Design

Use Terraform modules to keep configuration clean, & simple. Leverage powerful community modules.

Multiple Environments

Re-use your configuration in multiple environments with clean, composable configuration.

Real World Uses

The real world is messy. We'll keep our Terraform configuration adaptable to change and growth.

Advanced Configuration

Divide your Terraform configurations for better use with multiple teams, across functional areas of AWS, and more.

The Modules

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