Simple Auto Scaling

A full course that teaches you how to create auto scaled infrastructure start-to-finish, without confusing configurations or complex technologies. Learn the AWS fundamentals with a real-world use case!

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Keeping Sane in AWS

See how to quickly create an auto scaling infrastructure that's simple enough to understand, while leveraging the most powerful parts of AWS.

Learn the details of AWS core services while auto scaling web and queue worker servers. No need for a doctorate in clustered technologies.

simple auto scaling

The Course

What you'll learn about AWS

AWS is powerful, but complicated. This course teaches you the important fundamentals of AWS, clearly and simply.


Create private networks and learn a simple - but powerful - configuration for handling secure private and public network communication.

EC2 Basics

EC2 servers have an incredible range of configuration options. We demystify these options so you know what you're choosing.

Scaling EC2

Automate when and how AWS will scale servers in and out. Learn how to separately scale web servers and worker servers.

Load Balancing

Learn how to configure Application Load Balancers to easily integrate with auto scaling.

Continuous Delivery

Setup a pipeline to automate testing and see what options are available for deploying your applications.

Managed Services

Setup managed services (such as RDS) and see what it looks like to securely communicate over the private network.

Knowledge You'll Reuse

AWS Fundamentals

We cover the foundations of AWS that you'll use forever. Learn about the VPC, and about everything you can configure in EC2. See why AWS Auto Scaling is its killer feature.

Infrastructure as Code

Clicking around the web interface is a recipe for disaster. Learn how to track your infrastructure, allowing for you to copy, tweak, destroy, and recreate everything.

Directly to Production

Cut a path through the myriad of AWS services to see the simplest way to production. Trigger CI/CD pipelines, and deploy your code to auto scaled environments.

Made with Laravel

We use a Laravel application to demonstrate auto scaling on AWS.

This includes creating deployable "build artifacts", using PHP web servers, automating queue worker servers, auto scaling each server type separately, managing .env files (secrets), and more!

The Modules

Simple Auto Scaling

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“AWS promises easy and powerful auto-scaling; as with anything AWS, it's certainly powerful, but not so easy. There's no one I'd rather look to for making AWS approachable than Chris Fidao, and this course.”

Matt Stauffer
CTO, Tighten

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