Serverless with Lambda

Learn all about serverless! We'll use AWS Lambda to see how to run functions, respond to AWS events, and host web applications.

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Scale Like Crazy

Use Serverless to scale your applications to ridiculous levels without breaking a sweat. Forget about managing servers and long deployment times.

Learn how Lambda works, and then learn how to scale your applications while reducing cost and management time.

simple auto scaling

The Course

Going Serverless

Learn and understand the building blocks of Serverless architecture! You'll be able to host web applications, and add layers of (useful!) plumbing to your infrastructure.

Understanding Lambda

Learn how to create and use Lambda functions in the language of your choice, including custom runtimes.

Integrating Lambda

See how to integration Lambda functions with AWS services, creating solid event-driven architecture.

Serving Web Apps

Learn how API Gateway works to create fully-featured web applications with Lambda.

Advanced Usage

Learn the trade-offs of going Serverless, and the tactics you can use for increased productivity and security.

Real World

Use AWS services with Lambda, like RDS (database) and ElastiCache (Redis).


Crazy scale needs some care! Learn what you need to watch out for when going serverless.

Knowledge You'll Reuse

AWS Fundamentals

Integration Lambda with AWS networking (VPC) to connect to other AWS services. Understand where the promise of Lambda shines, and it's rough spots.

API -First

We learn concepts in the web UI, but we use the API to create all AWS resources. Learn how all the pieces fit together!

Save time, Reduce Cost

Lambda isn't free, but it definitely can be cheap! Stop paying for unused compute time, and save time by not managing servers.

Serverless Framework

We also cover using the Serverless Framework to make web apps.

See how to use the Serverless Framework to quickly get up and running with Lambda!

The Modules

Serverless with Lambda

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“AWS promises easy and powerful auto-scaling; as with anything AWS, it's certainly powerful, but not so easy. There's no one I'd rather look to for making AWS approachable than Chris Fidao, and this course.”

Matt Stauffer
CTO, Tighten

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